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Lights, Up We Go !
Acrylic on A2 synthetic canvas.

Hey, guys! Go check out my friend Colin’s blog. He’s a lovely artist, and he’s done a few paintings of Lights!
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for those of you whining about how the ones who downloaded the leak are ‘hurting’ lights’ income. hahahahahahaha no. so you can no longer use that as an excuse to whine about the leak kbye

1) what is your source? and 2) I believe most the money from the album sales goes to the label, not Lights herself. pretty sure most artists make their money off touring [not really sure about this, but that’s what I’ve heard]
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did Lights actually change her last name legally or did people kinda just assume??

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Is it bad that the leak sort of really ruined my excitement for Little Machines?
I feel like it’s just sort of out there now and everyone has already fangirled over it, and there’s not really any anticipation for the actual release anymore :/

honestly if your excitement is based on whether or not other people are waiting on listening to the album, that’s silly. I previewed the album and I’m stoked for it to be released tbh

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T E N   D A Y S   #LittleMachines
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@lightsy: 9. #LittleMachines
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honestly I think Little Machines is gonna be Lights’ best album yet, it sounds so good from the few tracks I’ve heard

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Guys, of course you’d rather get something free than paying. Duh. But please, please support Lights by going to her shows and/or buying her album. All the songs would’ve been on Youtube the day the album came out, but if you want this talented woman to continue making music, you better support her. I completely understand if you can’t afford it… but if you can, please be a decent person and buy the album if you like it or if you were planning to.

Hopefully the leaks will interest you in getting Little Machines.

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Running With the Boys has such a great feel to it

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with how upset people are getting over Lights putting a couple making out in her video and supposedly having sex imagine if she actually made a song that was about sex

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